Back To School Party Idea For Kids First Day

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The kids started school this week & my wife came up with this back to school party idea for kids first day to celebrate.

I was outside trying this new drink I found called Sparkling Ice + Caffeine Black Raspberry.

Sparkling Ice + Caffeine Black Raspberry has natural flavors, vitamins and antioxidants, and ZERO sugar.

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I added fresh limes & ice to turn it into a virgin margarita.

Back to school 2019

As soon as they arrived home from school, they ran outside to find me.

We spent a few minutes talking about their big day…

Who they sat with…

Who they played with…

How they felt about their teachers….

back to school party idea for kids

Then we came inside for our “party”.

Back To School Party Idea For Kids First Day

My girls love nothing more than a tea party, so my wife had it all setup for us.

Back To School

The girls don’t actually like or drink tea, but they were thrilled to see they could have a drink just like mine.

They had Sparkling Ice Black Raspberry – the caffeine-free version.

Back To School Party Idea

My wife took a few pictures, so the girls would always remember their back to school tea party after their first day.


These ideas always seem silly to me when she’s planning them, but the girls do just love it.

They’re happy any time I’m not traveling for work & they can get my undivided attention.

Back To School Party Idea For Kids First Day Parties

When we finished our tea party, the girls ran off to play.

Giving me a few more minutes of quiet outside to relax & finish my drink.

So that’s 2019 back to school in the books.

How about you?

What are your back to school party idea for kids first day?

Leave a comment below & let us know.

back to school party ideas for kids first day

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