My New Travel Plan For Better Omega-3s

This post is sponsored by iWi but the content and opinions expressed here are my own.

As a business traveler, I am constantly on the go.

I have been in Miami, Costa Rica, Panama, Peru, Mexico & Brazil – just in the last 2 weeks!

With all this travel, it’s not always easy to stay healthy – airport fast food & dinner meetings don’t help.

I never eat fish anymore, so my wife worries about my Omega-3 levels.

She says better Omega 3s are important for my health because they prevent heart disease, stroke, cancers & all sorts of other terrible things.

Basically Omega-3s are important in keeping us healthy as we age.

When I think of Omega-3s I think of fish, but she told me I actually don’t have to eat fish at all now that there’s an easy way to get better Omega-3s.

All I need is this.

best omega3

Sounds good to me!

Better Omega-3s

I had no idea that it the FISH were NOT the source of the Omega-3s.

Omega-3s actually come from the algae eaten by the fish.

So, do we have to eat the fish to get the benefits of the Omega-3?

Nope. We can skip the fish & go right to the source thanks to iWi.

iWi offers the highest bioavailability in the Omega3 market (higher than fish and Krill…) source of Omega-3.

They have full traceability and control of the product.


AND they were born in the USA.

They use the sun as our main source of energy and are 100% Sustainable & Scalable.

iWi has 150 acres in production – that’s equal to 45,000 acres of peas in terms of production of essential amino acids.

They use non-arable land & brackish water.

Best of all they are socially sustainable because they create jobs in rural areas.

So there you go – an excellent way to get better Omega-3s into your diet even with the busiest schedule.

sams club

You can find the product at your local Sam’s Club – just look for a Freeosk!

omega 3

What do you do for a balanced, healthy lifestyle while you’re on the go?





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