Pictures of Greenland

Even though I’ve been to 68 countries, these pictures of Greenland are unlike anything I’ve seen before.

greenland in pictures

If you ever fly from London to Seattle, your route will probably take you over Greenland.

My wife recently took this flight while I stayed in London with the kids.

These aerial pictures of Greenland were taken from her Virgin Atlantic flight.


Approaching the coast of Greenland.

No beach towns here!

pictures of greenland

These frozen rivers and glaciers are fantastic.

The pictures were taken in June, so there’s a lot of melting happening.

greenland pictures

You can just make out a lake in the middle of these mountains and frozen rivers.

greenland in pictures

These glaciers remind me of our trip to Patagonia.

More about that trip coming soon!

This is more of what I expected Greenland to look like – white & snow.

It’s impossible to tell where the clouds end & the snow begins.

greenland in pictures

Who know pictures of Greenland from the air could be so interesting?

You can learn more about Greenland here.

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