Why This Super Car Fan Loves Sebring Raceway

We live only 2 hours from the Sebring Raceway in Florida, but luckily you don’t have to live near Sebring, FL  to catch the upcoming sports car super race.

This 12-HOUR RACE from IMSA is a super car fan’s dream with everything from Ferrari to Lamborghini to Porsche to Aston Martin & more all racing together for 12 hours to win the coveted prize.

sebring raceway

It’s as much about the super cars (there will be 46 of them from 13 different brands) as it is about the Sebring Raceway.

Sebring Raceway Will Exhaust Drivers

The Sebring Raceway is America’s oldest road race track & was originally used as an airport during World War II.

The significance for this weekend’s race is that these high performance cars will have to prove themselves on 65-year-old worn & torn concrete!

After 12 hours of that, the endurance of both the cars & the drivers will be seriously tested.

Did I Mention The CARS?

I don’t know of any other race where F1 cars, NASCAR cars & Indy Car all race together on the same track!

We’ll be able to see inside the cars with the IMSA mobile app streaming LIVE from in-car cameras.

Whether you love racing, love cars or just want to tune in to catch the excitement, there’s no reason to miss this race.

The Sebring event weekend has already started with the grand finale – the WeatherTech Championship race – beginning at 12.30 this Saturday, March 18th & ending at 11pm!

You can catch it LIVE on TV with Fox Sports 1.


It will also be live online at Fox Sports Go.



Click here to learn more about IMSA & the event this weekend.


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