Hurricane Evacuation To Ross Bridge Resort, Marriott Birmingham

We live in South Florida, so when Hurricane Irma rolled in, we rolled out… all the way to Alabama where we will spend the weekend at the Ross Bridge Resort Marriott Birmingham.

Now, Alabama wasn’t on my bucket list, but the Ross Bridge Resort more than exceeded my expectations.

It took 45 minutes to travel the last 15 miles of our journey (3 out of 4 license plates were Florida tags), but this Marriott Birmingham hotel rose up to meet us.


ross bridge resort marriott birmingham hotel

Helloooooo curb appeal!

We did look like a bunch of evacuees as we piled out of the mini-van with our kids – their toys & snacks literally falling out of the door when it slid open.

As always, Marriott’s friendly, professional staff makes us feel right at home.

I used my Marriott points to book the room, which came with a big balcony & this stunning view.

ross bridge resort marriott birmingham hotel

It’s a relief to have plenty of entertainment here for the kids – restless after spending 3 days in the car.

Once the golf course closed, the kids loved walking the paths, collecting pine cones, and chasing birds.

The hotel grounds are stunning in every direction.

ross bridge resort marriott birmingham hotel

I expect we will do the same every night, as it’s a great way to end the day… the sunset walk is beautiful, yes, but mostly we go to wear the kids out!!!

ross bridge resort marriott birmingham hotel

In the mornings we stuffed our faces with a ridiculously delicious breakfast – biscuits & gravy, mountains of fresh fruit & a honey-baked ham.

Then we hit the pool, where the kids spent the day going down the waterslide.

ross bridge resort marriott birmingham hotel

We aren’t sure yet how long we will need to stay at this Marriott Birmingham hotel – we’re watching to see where Hurricane Irma is headed.

Even though we don’t yet know where we will go next, the Ross Bridge Resort has provided a welcome sanctuary as a home away from home…

Now, if only we could actually GO home.